Published on 1/14/17

TUTORIAL: How to put on snow chains?

Put on snow chains very quickly and easily 

Here’s a short explanation on how to put on snow chains, so you don’t spend an hour at the side of the road in the cold, trying desperately to understand where to start!

First of all, remember to have everything you need before putting the chains on (warm coat, hat, gloves and warm shoes), and park at the side of the road so you don’t inconvenience other drivers.

Then get the chain out of its bag, untangle it and lay it on the ground behind the tyre, making sure you place the rigid tube towards the top and the steel part towards you.

Now, with the help of the coloured markers, put the chain on the tyre, all the way around the tyre, putting the two ends of the tube together.

Fasten the chain at the front, then move the car slowly forward so you can position the rest of the chain.

Once the car has moved forward you can tighten the chain and attach the tightening mechanism at the front of the wheel.

Your car is now ready to drive on snowy roads!

Additional advice after installation

When driving with chains do not exceed 50km/h

If you hear a suspicious noise after installation, stop and check the position and tension of the chain

Even with chains, be aware that other drivers’ behaviour can be unpredictable (sliding, breaking, wheel slipping)

Whilst driving, it is important to accelerate carefully, you can often regain grip by lifting your foot off the accelerator

Do not drive with chains on roads without snow

Finally, always stay a good distance from the vehicle in front

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