Published on 1/23/17

TOP 10 most beautiful skiing viewpoints

Ski amidst the most incredible scenery on Les Gets skiing area!

First and foremost, when you ski in Les Gets, you are skiing amidst the most incredible scenery!

Look up from the slopes, take a break, get your camera out and enjoy the many viewpoints this ski area has to offer!

Accessible for beginner skiers (able to ski on green or blue runs)

1/ Top of the Rosta chair lift: one of our favourites - View of Mont Blanc, Ranfoilly, Chamossière, Pointe de Nyon and the Joux Plane valley and lake.

2/ Top of La Croix chair lift: view of Mont Chéry, Chamossière, Rosta

3/ Top of the Stade and Vieux Chênes button lift:  view of the village

4/ Top of the Perrières chair lift:  view of Ranfoilly and Mont Chéry

                                                                                       View from Rosta chair lift

Accessible for advanced skiers (able to ski on red or black runs)

5/ Top of La Pointe chairlift: one of our favourites - View of the Mont Blanc range, Roc d’Enfer

6/ Top of the Mont Chéry gondola lift: one of our favourites - View of the Mont Blanc range

7/ Top of the Ranfoilly chairlift: view of the Mont Blanc range, Joux Plane Lake and Chamoissière

8/ At the start of the red slope of Arbis, view of La Pointe Percée, Ranfoilly and the Joux Plane lake

9/ Top of the Pointe de Nyon: view of Lake Geneva on a fine, view of Morzine

10/ From the Chamois red run on Mont Chéry, enjoy the scenery of the village

                                                                                      View from La Pointe chair lift

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