Published on 2/9/17

The 5 Best Ski Runs in Les Gets

Here is a list of the 5 best ski runs in the resort of Les Gets in the Portes du Soleil.

N°5 – The YETI run

Located in the Rosta area of the Chavannes sector, the Yéti run is the resort's "show off" black run. Skiers descend the entire slope below the Rosta chairlift, meaning they can show their stuff in front of all the other skiers on the way back up.

The Yeti is above all a run with many faces. On powder days, it is tolerant, making it an absolute treat. When it's just been pisted, the smooth surface is ideal for style and flex. On the days it's a mogul field, the most skilled skiers can show off their Grospiron style with a succession of tight turns to make it round the bumps.

But beware of taking a fall on this slope because it's bound to be met with laughter from the chairlift.

Technical characteristics :

Difficulty: Black - Length: 832 m - Elevation difference: 260 m - Start altitude: 1660 m - Finish altitude: 1397 m - Average slope: 33%  - Maximum slope: 45%  - Surface area: 2.8 ha

N°4 – The MARMOTTE run

Located on the North area of Mont Chéry, the Marmotte run is a wide slope that alternates between steep walls and gentler slopes.

The run starts off flat along the ridge of Pointe de Chéry to skirt around the Chéry Nord Combe.

The first wall is consistent allowing you to get your legs going and leads to a really wide flat area perfect for a few turns in a schuss position. The 2nd wall is much shorter and narrower, located just below the Chéry Nord chairlift. Tight turns are required here before heading into the final S leading to the chairlift.

Technical characteristics:

Difficulty: Red - Length: 1610 m - Elevation difference: 400 m - Start altitude: 1814 m - Finish altitude: 1410 m - Average slope: 26 % - Maximum slope: 45 % - Surface area: 6.2 ha

N°3 - The GAZELLE run

This black run is located on Mont Chéry and can be reached via the Mont Chéry gondola lift. It is over a kilometre in length, with an elevation difference of 340m and sections of the wall with a slope of over 60%.

It hosted the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup from 1974 to 1981 and saw exploits by America's McKinney and Germany's three-time Olympic medal winner Christa Kinshofer in the Slalom and Giant Slalom events.

Most importantly, the Gazelle was where France's twice gold medal winner Danièle Debernard won the slalom. Today she is a ski instructor at ESF Les Gets.

Technical characteristics:

Difficulty: Black - Length: 1085 m - Elevation difference: 340 m - Start altitude: 1529 m - Finish altitude: 1192 m - Average slope: 33 %  - Maximum slope: 63.25 %  - Surface area: 2.5 ha

N°2 - The INDIENS run

The Piste des Indiens (Indians run) is a green run intended for families. It winds through the forest and features fun sections such as tunnels where you have to bend down to go through them, bison decoration and a host of fun places to take photos.  The run is equipped with a sound system to make the experience complete.

N°1 - The TULIPE run

The red Tulipe run is the one preferred by Les Gets' ski enthusiasts.

Located beneath the Ranfoilly chairlift on Chavannes, this slope is both long and wide to keep everyone happy. Once over the first slightly tricky wall, skiers can take their time "carving" wide turns and shape up those thighs.

At the half-way point, the less courageous can stop for a hot chocolate on the terraces at the Wetzet restaurant and watch those attempting the long jump onto the Joux Plane road.

On the second half of the run, enjoy a leisurely descent down to the various chairlifts in the Ranfoilly bowl.

With the turns, there's almost 2 kilometres of sheer bliss on this sun-drenched run.

Technical characteristics:

Difficulty: Red - Length: 1737 m - Elevation difference: 400 m - Start altitude: 1811 m - Finish altitude: 1405 m - Average slope: 24 % - Maximum slope: 41 % - Surface area: 10.6 ha

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