Published on 7/3/18

MTB's golden rules

To ride safely!

The 10 Bikepark's golden rules:

  • Priority to pedestrians, slow down at crossing
  • Respect stockyard, don't cut wire
  • Respect road safety rules and pedestrian area
  • Control your speed
  • Use protective equipment : gloves, helmet, knee pad
  • Do not stop in the middle of tracks or in a place without visibility
  • Come to somebody's aid if your are involved or witness in a collision, call 112
  • Respect bikepark signing, security advices and don't go off-tracks
  • Choose adapted tracks depending on your level
  • Take time to look bikepark map over

To ride with serenity, go well-equiped & warm up, take time to look bikepark map over and adapt your speed depending on your level.

Now you are well-informed, you can ride safely!

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