Published on 3/11/19

HandiGlisse Festival

The 3rd festival of HandiGlisse in Les Gets will occur on Tuesday March 19th

 For the 3dr time, “Annemasse Sports Handicap”and “the SaGets” are going to organize the Handigliss Festival, on Tuesday 19th of March 2019 in the area of "Chavannes" at les Gets Ski Resort in France. 

This event will bring together roughly hundred downhill skiers from which half of them are people with disabilities. Such a Festival will pull in various associations and sports clubs practising sit ski-ing such as ski tandem, kartski, dual and uni skis as well as standing disabled skiers such as one-legged people. 

 « Annemasse Sports Handicap » is organizing, on daily basis, ski outings in les Gets. The above-mentioned ski resort is completely aware of sit ski specificities and greatly supportive to this practice. Thanks to les Gets ski resort and with the great help of many volunteers « Annemasse Sports Handicap» is able to weekly organise in between 5 to 7 ski outings during winter-and each of them attract 3 to 6 people with disabilities. On average, this corresponds to about 400 ski training sessions at the height of the winter season, bringing joy and happiness to the whole participants!

With the Handigliss Festival, “Annemasse Sports Handicap” expects to attract a range of aspiring talents interested in skiing. Such an event will be an opportunity for pulling together more than 20 sports clubs working in this field in order to share an exceptional momentum of friendliness and solidarity. That in turn is going to increase awareness and understanding of ski practices for everybody

At the same time, from les Gets ski resort, Handigliss Festival’s participants will be close to the alpin ski run of Pleney which is hosting the Handiski World Cup finals and they will be able to ski alongside with famous world champions such as Yohann TABERLET or Menna FITZPATRICK. Like many partners and team mates, Patrick GABARROU will also be there as a tandem pilot to support the festival. 

«Annemasse Sports Handicap» also known as «Annemasse Handisport» is emerging as a genuinely inclusive association by adopting a unique scheme in France by integrating both the “Handisport”and “Sport Adapté” federations “. For more information, please consult our website at:

You are welcome to participate to the Handigliss Festival on Tuesday 19

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