Spring Lounge Music Festival

Spring Lounge Music Festival

To celebrate the beginning of the spring season, Les Gets launches the Spring Lounge Music Festival! People enjoy free concerts in the different establishments of the resort, at altitude and outside.

Full program on https://en.lesgets.com/organize-book/events/spring-lounge-music-festival.html

Opening hours

From 23/03 to 31/03/2019, daily between 10 am and 11 pm.


Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance


Free of charge.

Spring time is coming, the days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting sweeter ... It's time to enjoy some chill time in Les Gets! 

Spring Lounge Music Festival is 27 free concerts on the slopes, in the bars and restaurants of the village, with different styles of music :  soul, pop, funk and blues

From the 23rd to the 31st of March, you'll find out :

- Flo Bauer

- Williams Brutus

- The Protolites

And many more ... Program below


* Saturday March 23rd

12:30pm Cisco & Richie Faret - Chasse Montagne

On the slopes / 2:00pm Rythme N'Wood - Step in the void Ranfoilly

5:30pm As Malick - place of the Maison des Gets

7:00pm Coffee Tone - Vina Annapurna

* Sunday March 24th

On the slopes / 10:00Am As Malick and the Tribe - bottom of Chavannes chairlift

1:00pm Caranouche - As des Neiges

On the slopes / 2:00pm Cisco Herzhaft feat Richie Faret - top of la Pointe chairlift (Mont Chéry)

5:30pm As Malick - place of the Maison des Gets

9:30pm Coffee Tone - Barbylone

* Monday March 25th 

5:30pm Cisco & Richie Faret - place of the Maison des Gets

7:00pm Caranouche - Barbylone

* Tuesday March 26th 

5:30pm Flo Bauer - place of the Maison des Gets

7:00pm Rythm N'Wood - Barbylone

* Wednesday March 27th 

6:00pm Flo Bauer - Barbylone

9:30pm Williams Brutus - Barbylone

* Thursday March 28th 

4:30pm Rythm N'Wood - place of the Maison des Gets

5:30pm Williams Brutus - place of the Maison des Gets

* Friday March 29th

6:00pm Cisco & Richie Faret - Barbylone

On the slopes / 11:00am Dixit Trio - top of Rosta chairlift

7:30pm Dixit Trio - Biskatcha

* Saturday March 30th

On the slopes / 11:00am The Protolites - Plat de la Croix Blanche (above plateau des Chavannes)

4:30pm Dixit Trio - place of the Maison des Gets

5:30pm The Protolites - place of the Maison des Gets

9:00pm Up Town Lovers - Jeux Trinques

* Sunday March 31st 

12:30pm Rythm N'Wood - Chasse Montagne

5:00pm Up Town Lovers - place of the Maison des Gets

9:30pm The Protolites - Barbylone


Williams Brutus:

Born in Haiti in 1985, Williams arrived in France in 1991. He was discovered by the public in 2007, with his first acoustic band, SAÏ.
The band enabled him to travel around France and also took him to Switzerland and New Caledonia.
After four 4 albums, more than 400 concerts and having featured as a warm-up act for artists such as UB40, Pierpoljak, Broussai, Yaniss Odua, Maxime Leforestier, Michael Jones, Clinton Fearon, Yaniss Odua etc.,
he now shares his musical world with audiences accompanied by other musicians on stage. His personality, the tone of his voice and his melodies will captivate you!

Uptown Lovers:

Uptown Lovers is the result of a shared desire, a passion for Soul, Pop and Folk music, and above all a need to write down his own story through music, a story that tells of love, passion, but also disappointment; of happiness, joy, pleasure, but also suffering – a story about life, in fact.
A haunting voice, an intense guitar, sometimes accompanied by percussion and a cello: this is Uptown Lovers.

Flo Bauer Blues Project:

The Flo Bauer Blues Project is the meeting of two generations with a shared passion for the Blues.
On the one hand, there’s Flo Bauer, a young artist from Alsace, discovered on The Voice in 2014, winner of the Révélation prize at the Blues sur Seine festival in 2016 and who’s been performing for several years.
On the other, Pierrot Bauer and Benoît Seyller, two old hands on the Blues scene in France and elsewhere.
It’s a mix of modernity and experience that adds to Flo Bauer's compositions, which are intentionally ‘mainstream’ while remaining Blues at heart.

Dixit Trio: 

Revisiting a wide-ranging repertoire of vintage and contemporary classics, the Dixit Trio invites you into their acoustic Soul world, through their own arrangements overlaid with various influences, from Pop to Jazz!
The Dixit band members, all from Lyon, use Folk to make Soul, Jazz for aesthetes and Groove to party. In short, they make up their own rules!


Caranouche’s singer has a seductive voice, like the sublime Maurane, reminiscent of the fabulous Aretha Franklin, but in a more jazzy,Thomas Dutronc-like style. The voice is that of Céline Presle, a professional and passionate singer with many references (festivals, concerts, events). She’s joined by Marc Chirinian – they’ve known each other for 20 years – on guitar.
Caranouche presents us with a jazz sound that’s upbeat and original, joyfully giving a new playful twist to the great classics of Pop-rock culture (The Beatles, Gainsbourg, Queen, Bashung and Amy Whinehouse) with Django Reinhardt-style gypsy-jazz tones. With Caranouche, everything takes on a new dimension!

The Protolites: 

Dive into a New York building, go down a flight of steps, enter the sweaty atmosphere of a dimly lit cellar, take a seat at the bar, order your favourite cocktail and let yourself be swept away by these soul and jazz notes. Barely has the song finished when the scene changes again. The sun’s just set over the Pacific, you’ve got sand between your toes, you’re surrounded by people, a live group’s playing and, like those around you, you have an irresistible urge to join in the rhythms of the hip-hop and funk numbers.

Rythm N'Wood: 

An acoustic duo (guitar, vocals and percussion) performing various and very varied covers.
Benjamin, on vocals and guitar, and Mickaël, on percussion, are old friends and professional musicians who’ve decided to have fun with music that pretty much all of us know – and to share some great musical moments with us.

Cisco Herzhaft & Richie Faret:

Two musicians who love playing – and sharing their pleasure in playing – the Blues, which they do with feeling, energy and joy. The encounter between Cisco, a musician who draws his inspiration from the roots of the Blues (from Mississippi John Hurt’s finger-picking to the boogie of John Lee Hooker – who he’s also accompanied) and Richie Faret, a brilliant and spirited harmonica player, gives an original and dynamic sound to their repertoire of their own arrangements of classics by the great Bluesmen, as well as to Cisco’s own compositions.
Their swing, their generosity and their entertaining stage presence never fail to captivate the public and pundits.

As Malick & The Tribe: 

The groove of a Soul voice
The Tribe's musicians – from a variety of backgrounds – play on their differences: they’ve managed to combine their varied styles to create a unique sound. In fact, the group has been pursuing its search for new sounds since 2009, mixing a warm voice with a powerful rhythm section, seasoned with spiced-up guitar riffs and wrapped up in the velvety sounds of a keyboard.
The band’s singer, As Malick, has a captivating voice and is already well known in Senegal (Bénéne Vibes was voted best solo album at the Hip Hop Awards and was followed by Message of Love).
The Tribe boasts more than 250 concerts, numerous Live TV shows, video clips and multiple radio appearances, including as a warm-up act to Keziah Jones, Imany, Amadou and Mariam.

Coffee Tone: 

With talent and originality, Coffee Tone performs timeless classics from the 1960s to today, composed by such greats as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Charles Ray, Kool & the Gang, Daft Punk and Bruno Mars.
A unique musical identity with lots of medleys, allusions and, of course – and invariably – oodles of style!
The obvious musical and personal rapport between the band members conveys an energy that’s full of emotion.

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