Lounge Music Festival

Lounge Music Festival

The Lounge Music Festival is for nearly two weeks several dozen free concerts are organized in the different establishments of the village, generating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere everywhere in the streets!


Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance


Free of charge.



ALAM toured festivals and venues in France in 2018, showcasing his excellent album live: SOUNDS OF FREEDOM (released by Baco Distribution/Dibyz)

This gave him the opportunity to meet his ever-increasing audience, who were won over by his combative, gentle and powerful energy that shines in concert!

Since its release, the album has already been broadcast all over the world, including on BBC radio, in David Rodigan’s selection. Multiple broadcasts in Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United States, Romania, Canada, Brazil and elsewhere quickly catapulted ALAM into the TOP 20 GLOBAL REGGAE CHARTS (the world rankings for reggae). The ALBUM was also nominated for the 2019 VICTOIRES REGGAE competition, organised by several media organisations, including the site reggae.fr!

With his self-aware lyrics, ALAM takes us on a journey towards freedom, sharing, living in the moment...and happiness!


Author and composer Caroline Kennedy invites us to discover her acoustic folk pop universe and her songs that humorously evoke the sweetness of life and the happiness of imperfect things.


“Chewbie” is the founder of this musical creation and can look back on many years of experience. He has been a performer for more than 20 years with concerts and gigs both as a solo artist and as part of "Riske Zero", which has opened for "Gaetan Roussel", "No one is innocent" and "Aston Villa". This artist is an author and composer at the same time as being the singer and guitarist of the band.

Drine.H is the singer who brings harmony and coolness to this quartet, and she is also a songwriter and composer.

Chewbie in the Sky is a close-knit group in which Drine.H and Chewbie perform together to create their musical universe.

To make the melody as vibrant and colourful as possible, the talented young Aurian and Anéo accompany them to bring "Chewbie in the Sky" to life.

With Aurian setting the tempo on the drums while Anéo weaves countermelodies on the ukulele this quartet carries its rhythm wherever they go.


Some music sounds like an invitation, a call to travel or to dream. The duo ELLA/FOY is precisely such stuff as dreams are made on...

Hélène (vocals, guitar and ukulele) and Romain (double bass, guitar, percussion and vocals) have forged their love of music throughout their lives. Fascinated by freedom and ever-changing emotions, they quickly understood that travel was the most beautiful of all muses.

ELLA/FOY embody the unplugged generation and never give the same performance twice. They cite the Otis Redding or Moriarty as their inspiration and readily acknowledge similarities with Agnes Obel, Hugh Coltman or Angus and Julia Stone.


A mix between Bootsy Collins, French house and young madmen, the sound of the Fat Badgers combines the energy of live music and the impact of the instruments. Bass, drums, guitar and keyboards are enhanced by modern rhythm samples and funky disco sounds. With their energetic leader and producer Leopard DaVinci, the quartet is best appreciated live!

Comfortable with the morals of our time, the Fat Badgers have released a trilogy of vinyl EPs. The Fat was released in 2014 and The Bad was hot in its tracks in 2015, still with the BlackMilk Music label. In November 2016, The Gers closed the triptych and shared four years of experience on the crazy planet of P Funk, as seen in the clip of “Who's got the funk?”, the first single from the next EP.

This release will be accompanied by a tour in October, November and December. The tour will be the opportunity to discover them in France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, regions they have already been able to bring to life with 4 years of tours and more than 150 concerts in festivals (Rencontres et Racines, Rock'n Solex, Daufunk, Décibulles, FIMU) and concert halls of all sizes (Laiterie, Ubu, Gare Saint Sauveur, l'Autre Canal).


A warm voice full of character, a round and percussive guitar, and English lyrics: these are the basic ingredients of Hantcha's musical universe. Add in her “rock” energy, percussion and her soaring, worldly range, and you have the recipe for Hantcha. The undeniable groove of these songs takes us on a journey in honour of this cultural and musical mix. As energetic as it is sensitive, her music is an experience where “thoughts flutter” easily.

2019 sees the release of her new EP*, "AINGA VAO" (mg. "New breath" in Malagasy) with soft rock & resolutely hybrid hues where the impact of the mix of culture and music on the singer's sound and visuals is obvious.


Influenced by acoustic country folk music, these two Australian collaborators will be treating audiences to a stopover in Haute-Savoie during their European tour.


Leighton Phoenix is originally from the town of Crawley in West Sussex, in southern England.

 He started playing guitar after listening to Metallica's first albums, inspired by the guitarist and singer James Hetfield.

 After playing in local metal bands for a while, he ended up trading his electric guitar for an acoustic one. Since then, it is not uncommon to find him in the darkest corners of the local Pubs, playing Neil Young songs.


Mary L*Asterisk is a unique and authentic performing artist who knows how to lead her audience between sensitivity and humour, armed with her magic box (loop station), a formidable groove, and her French lyrics.

On the programme: smoothness, grooviness and a little bit of craziness for a guaranteed moment of sharing!


Myasara is a multi-instrumentalist singer with a soulful and luminous voice.
At only 20 years old, she has already sung at least a hundred concerts and has become a mainstay on the French music scene!

She is a precociously talented artist with extensive experience in music and performing. She

joined a rock band at the end of ten then continued her studies at the Conservatory of Cahors at the age of 14, where she studied opera singing. It was soul music, however, that was finally to allow Myasara to come into her own!


One Rusty Band was born from a mix of two worlds: music and the circus. With Greg singing and playing instruments and Léa tap dancing, they combine blues and traditional tap dance to put on a unique show that is both musical and visual.  Somewhere between 50s blues and 70s rock 'n' roll, their mix of unique instruments, such as a cigar box guitar and a pickup telephone, makes this dirty blues rock sound so special. They are a group that radiates both a touching simplicity and the sincere desire to speak a universal language.


The Australian singer-songwriter will be here to present her new opus "New Life", with colourful tones of pop and folk.

Often compared to Dido, she is expected to make a name for herself on the international scene in no time.


The four musicians of SOUND BOX have a unique recipe where they mix the ingredients of Rock, Pop, Blues and Funk perfectly together. The Annecy-based group is taking off on stage, offering the audience music that is open, coherent and assertively unique.


DACUTSA was created in 2004, in the streets of Clermont Ferrand, when 2 guitarist brothers (Cyril "Tchetché" Daras, and Ludovic "Lino" Daras) met some Gypsies who had stopped in Auvergne. For two years, the two brothers made their mark, learning and working alongside the Roma. Dacutsa grew, and became a Quintet when it incorporated the rhythm of bassist Jean-Yves Alloin, the melody of pianist Eddy Tcheurekdjian and the energy of drummer Victor Bernard.

Mixing the styles they have encountered over the years, each composition played and each note performed is an invitation to travel and feel, as well as a nod to the people who have made Dacutsa what it is today.


Caranouche, c'est une chanteuse à la voix troublante, aux allures de la sublimeMaurane, aux airs de la fabuleuse Aretha Franklin, mais dans un style plus jazzyfaçon Thomas Dutronc. Céline Presle, c'est d'elle dont il s'agit, est une chanteuseprofessionnelle et passionnée aux nombreuses références (festivals, concerts,animations...) associée avec Marc Chirinian-ils se connaissent depuis 20 ans-à laguitare...Caranouche nous offre un jazz festif et original, s'amusant volontiers à "détourner"de grands classiques de la culture pop/ rock (Beatles, Gainsbourg, Queen, Bashungou Amy Whinehouse) pour leur donner des couleurs jazz manouche à la DjangoReinhardt. Avec Caranouche, tout prend une autre dimension ...


Duo acoustique (guitare, chant et percussions) de Reprises diverses et variées (c'estle moins qu'on puisse dire ...)Benjamin au chant et à la guitare et Mickaël aux percussions sont deux vieux potesmusiciens pro qui ont décidé de s'amuser autour des musiques qu'on connait tousplus ou moins.Tout ça pour passer et faire passer d'agréables moments musicaux ..


Revisitant un large répertoire de tubes d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, le Dixit Trio vous emmène dans leur univers Soul acoustique, à travers des arrangements personnels teintés de divers influences allant de la Pop au Jazz !
Les lyonnais du Dixit utilise la Folk pour faire la Soul,du Jazz pour les esthètes et du Groove pour faire la fête. Bref, ils ne font rien comme il faudrait !

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