The "Escale Nature" charter

For the Hotels

In line with the growing environmental expectations of our clients, the resort has asked accommodation providers to participate in an eco-citizenship programme :

A working group with both hoteliers and members of the tourist office has drawn up a list of 37 criteria which will demonstrate active participation in the management of energy, water, waste, noise … (with reference to the 2012 hotel classification).

Les Gets has asked accommodation providers to become involved in this process by adhering to at least seven of these criteria in their hotel, bed and breakfast, group or other accommodation…

This involvement will be highlighted, by a special logo in the description of their accommodation, and they will also receive a certificate confirming their implication in this initiative.

In this way, clients will be made aware of the process enabling them to make a fully informed accommodation choice.

Accommodation participating in this process will be classified with 1to 3 edelweiss:

Escale Nature - 1 Edelweiss1 Edelweiss

Escale Nature - 2 Edelweiss2 Edelweiss

Escale Nature - 3 Edelweiss

3 Edelweiss

The Accommodation Environmental Charter "Escale Nature"

Originally introduced by Les Gets Reservation for their members, the Accommodation Providers’ charter has evolved and takes a significant step forward in 2012. The Tourist Office wishes all accommodation providers to become involved in this initiative (furnished accommodation, estate agents and hotels).

Following a questionnaire asking clients about their attitudes and expectations of Eco-friendly tourisim initiatives, we have been able to analyse and improve the charter to make it as relevant as possible.

The most important areas that accommodation providers should consider are : energy economy,waste management,reduction in noise pollution,a natural environment.

The improvements of the Accommodation Providers’ Environmental charter are :

• Relevant and pertinent requirements which will allow clients to easily compare different accommodation offers.

• Class the criteria by category : waste disposal, energy, water....

• Create different levels of classification for the owners adhering to the existing charter (a classification by stars called "Edelweiss : 1,2 or 3 Edelweiss) to make comparison simpler.

• Give information leaflets for distribution to visitors about Energy, waste disposal...