Published on 1/17/19

Step into the void

Would you dare to step into the void, in front of the Mont Blanc?

Come to discover the most beautiful panorama of the Chaîne du Mont-Blanc at the top of the Ranfoilly thanks to the new step into the voide set up in 2019.

 Go over the verticality of the platform (of 27m²) and immortalize your day with an automatic and free spot photo!

You can find all information about this new infrastructure here.

The spot photo functioning stills the same:

1. Swipe you ski pass in the box on the plateform
2. Strike a pose and snap yourself in front of the Mont Blanc
3. Re-swipe your ski pass in the box on the platform and put your email address to receive the photo
4. Share it with your friends or on the social networks!

No need to remove you gloves!

Get your picture here :

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