Published on 1/19/18

New season for Pacôme Schmitt

This weekend is the start of Ice Cross Downhill's season 

After a few months of training in the gym and on pumptracks, it is time to put the ice skates on for Pacôme ! He will take part of the first stage of Red Bull Crashed Ice this week-end ! 

The ice skater from Les Gets is currently in Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA), where the temperatures goes down to -20°C. Conditions are perfect for the ice track, but less for the riders who will race many runs in the cold !

Pacôme at the top of Saint Paul's track

What is Ice Cross Downhill ?

To sum up, it is an extreme sport that involve racing in ice skates, on a track with turns, jumps, and all kind of obstacles. To be even more fun, riders are not racing one by one but four by four ! 

So, what is Red Bull Crashed Ice ? 

It is the name of Ice Cross Downhill's World Championships, that made the sport known.

Here is an explanation of this sport in video :

No holidays for Pacôme Schmitt !

After the end of the winter season, it is time to work for the athletes. Pacôme chose to combine business with pleasure by going in Australia. He discovered new horizons ans worked physically and technically with a personal coach.

" The first months are dedicated to getting back into shape. I work on the force and endurance, with long repetitions. We don't force on the weights to avoid injuries at the beginning. Then, we work more on force, muscle mass and resistance. We must keep a sustained pace during the 5 runs - if we reach the final - of Red Bull Crashed Ice"

> Full interview of Pacôme on (in French)

Follow the race LIVE

This stage of Red Bull Crashed Ice is broadcasted live on Red Bull TV.

In France, Saint Paul stage will start at 3:00 AM on Sunday 21st January 2018.

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