Published on 8/1/17

New 6-seater chairlift at Ranfoilly!

A new 6-seater chairlift will replace the old 4-seater Ranfoilly chairlift. Come along in December 2017 and try out the new equipment.

Work on the Ranfoilly express chairlift (built by Leitner) began at the start of June 2017 and is to be completed in December 2017. The 4-seater lift is being replaced by a 6-seater one to ease congestion in this area.


The chairlift will be more comfortable, quicker (4 min. 50 sec. compared to 6 min. 3 sec.!) and more reliable.... in short, a brand new lift! 

The Ranfoilly chairlift will still serve the following red runs - Tulipes, Sautenailles and Arnica - as well as the blue Gentiane run.

Another project to dismantle the Mouille aux Chats chairlift is to be carried out at the same time.

Technical details about the new Ranfoilly express chairlift:

  • Departure station: 1395 m
  • Arrival station: 1815 m
  • A difference in altitude of 420 metres
  • Horizontal length: 1743 metres
  • Capacity: 3,300 people per hour (in comparison to 2,400 people per hour on the old lift)
  • Speed: 6 metres a second (in comparison to 5 metres a second on the old lift)
  • Distance behind the chairs: 39.27 metres
  • A total of 98 chairs
  • Passengers: 6 people per chair

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