Crankworx Les Gets : from 15th to 19th June 2016

The best MTB riders in the world where in Les Gets to clash with others in 5 trials during 5 days!



Nearly 80 invited competitors came out to compete for the event, which also opened the first Crankworx Les Gets festival in the sold out resort in the French Alps.

With several women in the women’s division, it was one of the best turnouts for the new sport. In the end, Brown bested Jill KINTNER (USA) and Elizabeth REDZBETZ (ITA) for the win.

That was actually the hardest whip event I’ve attended ever. I’ve never really hit wooden jumps in my life, so it was a new thing for me,” said Casey BROWN (CAN).

“I feel it was a good learning experience. I had to really tone my whip off a bit because I couldn’t really carve off the lip; I didn’t feel confident in that. So it was quite different.


Bernardo CRUZ (BRA) joined her at the top of the podium, after churning out run after run of amplitude-popping big air. He too topped the podium in the event in France last year, and said he wasn’t so sure he had it in the bag when he showed up.

For the first time it was a bit scary… It actually was the first time I hit a wood jump, but then it was good,” he said. “When we get a dirt jump, we can lean over a bit more, especially because it was a bit wet today, so it was a bit scary to lean over. But then we make it."

Even the judges couldn’t seem to decide who should truly be labelled the winner. Though very different in their styles, Cruz whipping both ways and Howard claiming extreme amplitude, only one “super-clicked” whip Cruz threw down finally determined first place.

Results Men :

1. Bernardo CRUZ (BRA)

2. Ryan ‘R-Dogg’ HOWARD (USA)

3. Louis REBOUL (FRA)


Results Women :

1. Casey BROWN (CAN)


3. Elizabeth REDZBETZ (ITA)

Slopestyle - Best Trick


The athletes opted in for one epic best trick jam in lieu of a full competition.

Rheeder said he wanted to compete and he wanted the points the competition offered - but it wasn’t worth the risk. He opted instead to show off the new oppo-trick he honed for the last Crankworx stop, Rotorua, New Zealand, which anchored an impressive run just shy of being clean enough for the win.


Nicholi ROGATKIN (USA), meanwhile, went all in on his impressive new trick of the year: The Twister.

In a moment totally unrelated to weather, he misjudged the speed needed to execute the epic 1080 rotation on the final booter heading into the finish coral and found himself standing atop the jump staring down at the crowd, unscathed, though he had crashed out.

“I kind of stood there after I just landed on top because I was kind of in disbelief. I couldn’t believe it had just happened. My shoulder should have gotten ripped out or something because it was such a harsh landing, but it was so crazy that I just stood up there like that,” he said.

As theannouncers put it, Rogatkin is the poster child for progression in Slopestyleright now.

“It’s not just about the tricks. It’s about being on my bike as much as I can and handling the pressure. When you’re standing at the top of the biggest contest in the world and you have to do all your biggest tricks in the same run, it has to be about the whole thing. So I’m definitely going to be working some secret tricks,” he said.


Crankworx Les Gets Slopestyle Best Trick :

1. Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) – The Twister

2. Antoine Bizet (FRA)—Oppo-Cash Roll

3. Brett Rheeder (CAN)—Oppo Cork-720

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This last day was spotted with sun and pounding rain made for a race to remember in the Alps Sunday.

French riders Remi THIRION and Morgane CHARRE slipped, slid and managed to keep it rubber-side down just long enough to cross the finish line and secure first place.

“Today it was just the best to stay on the bike… I’ve never seen a condition like this or a track like this. (...) I’m happy to win it,” said THIRION.

Expressing a similar sentiment, Charre was thrilled with her win, saying she’s never ridden anything like the course in her life. “I like it. It was slippery and harder to keep a good line. Yeah, I find it fun,” she said.


The Crankworx Les Gets Downhill presented by iXS was easily the most anticipated race of the five-day inaugural Crankworx festival, in part due to the history of the course and in part because of the unique conditions.

Half the track was a revived version of one of the sports’ most storied races - the 2004 World Championship showdown between Steve PEAT (GBR) and Fabien BAREL (FRA).

Results Men Crankworx Les Gets Downhill presented bu iXS:

1. Remi Thirion (FRA)

2. Brendan Fairclough (GBR)

3. Jack Moir (AUS)

Results Women Crankworx Les Gets Downhill presented bu iXS:

1. Morgane Charre (FRA)

2. Emilie Siegenthaler (SUI)

3. Tracey Hannah (AUS)

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Les Gets Dual Speed & Style

Highlight Dual Speed and Style :

Pump Track

Highlight Pump Track :


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