The first "Eco-Golf in France !

The Golf course in Les Gets has obtained the ISO 14001 certification which ensure that it constantly reduces its impact on the environment.This is the very first golf course in France that get this certification !

Examples of actions

Rationalizing consumption

- Well-sought watering thank to the independent lake.
- Some areas are not mowed voluntarily leading to substantial fuel economy
- reduced noise pollution and protection of species of local flora.
- Charging of electric cars in deceleration (economy of electricity).

An environmentally conscious Procurement Policy

- Minimize the intake following a detailed study of soils.

- Prefer products that are less harmful to the environment. 

Prevent pollution potential

- Waste separation internal to the maintenance and operation of golf, including hazardous waste.
- Storage of chemicals in secure conditions and in accordance with applicable regulations
- Purchase of absorbents kits to absorb oil in case of leakage.
- Proposal for pocket ashtrays to avoid throwing cigarettes in the nature.