The Musée celebrate its 25th Anniversary

It's true, Father Christmas actually lives in Les Gets, but hush...don't tell anyone. He and his faithful elves live together in their grotto, a log cabin in the middle of the enchanted forest high above the village.

Here, in this magic world, they work all the year making toys and presents for the big night, 24th of December. Over the years, Father Christmas has developed his Christmas routines. From time to time he pops down into the village with his elves for a bit of last minute shopping and to soak up the atmosphere. If you are very lucky, you might catch a glimpse of him as you stroll through the village over the Christmas holiday period, until the 30th of December. Many activities will be present for these two weeks of celebration : the village is buzzing, the atmosphere is warm, the sets are amazing, the choirs are featured. Everyone lives to the rhythm of Father Christmas and his elves.

As part of this event also find the museum celebrates Christmas on the 10 December.

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Hours of operation

Sunday 27 October 2013 : at 2 AM (Hours vary depending on the daily schedule).

Address and +

Musée de la Musique Mécanique

E-mail :

Phone : : 04 50 79 85 75

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Musée de la Musique Mécanique


Free of charge

Only the visit to the Hut of Father Christmas is paying (3 euros).
Free for children under 3 years old.

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Plan d'accès

294 rue du Vieux Village
74260 Les Gets

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