Father Christmas lives in Les Gets

Father Christmas lives in Les Gets

It's true, Father Christmas actually lives in Les Gets, but hush...don't tell anyone. He and his faithful elves live together in their grotto, a log cabin in the middle of the enchanted forest high above the village.

In this magical world, they work all the year making toys and presents for the big night on the 24th of December.
Over the years, Father Christmas has developed his Christmas routines. From time to time he pops down to the village with his Elves for a bit of last minute shopping and to soak up the atmosphere. If you are very lucky, you might catch a glimpse of him as you stroll through the village over the Christmas holiday period.

Many activities will be present for these two weeks of celebration : the village is buzzing, the atmosphere is warm, the sets are amazing, and everyone lives to the rhythm of Father Christmas and his Elves.

From the 18th to 27th of December, visit Father Christmas' Enchanted Forest.

Opening hours

From Saturday 23 to Friday 29 December between 9 AM and 9 PM. Dates to be confirmed.
Hours vary depending on the daily schedule.

Access map

BP 27 - 74260 - Les Gets

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BP 27 - 74260 - Les Gets


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