Our environment labels

The environment is an important concern in the Mountains

Les Gets has long been aware of the importance of sustainable development and is continually working to improve its ecological footprint. Many local initiatives have been introduced with this goal in mind.

The aim is to ensure that not only our clients, but also local businesses, shopkeepers and accommodation providers are aware of the fragility of the local environment. We give great importance to raising awareness of the importance of protecting the area for the future.

UNESCO Chablais' Geopark

The Chablais region has joined the European Geopark programme, a UNESCO initiative. The Geopark is an area with a rich geological heritage and a site of ecological, historical and cultural interest. Holiday makers and locals alike can come to the site to learn about the local geology.

The Georoute circuit is an important part of the Geopark. It is a walking route linking 20 of the most interesting geological sites where visitors can learn about the geology specific to the region, as they walk. Les Gets, with its Tourbieres, is a site with a rich geological identity.

Environmental accreditations

The Lift-Operating Company (Sagets) received the ISO 14004 accreditation in 2008. In pursuing the environmental pledge, it is now the Tourist office that received its environmental accreditation the 18th of November 2010.

The Les Gets 18-hole golf course is the first golf in France that has obtained this environmental accreditation, following the actions made towards the environment.

The medium term objective is to encourage the businesses, shop keepers and accommodation providers in Les Gets to do the same by involving them in future initiatives to protect the local environment.