“Each player's game is different depending on their physical and mental strengths, their specific needs and goals.
Coaching is adapted to suit each player so they can learn new techniques as rapidly as possible. 
A range of courses are available to suit all your needs and expectations. Whether your aim is to learn how to play golf or to fine-tune your technique, you will soon be playing to the best of your ability.”

1. Beginners: start as you mean to go on...

3 lessons (2hrs each):140€; 6 lessons (2hrs each): 270€
Learn about how the game is played and the techniques you'll need to enjoy a round of golf.

2. Green Card: on course for success...

5 lessons (2hrs each): 290€
You'll learn the techniques necessary to play on holes normally only tackled by more experienced players. The course will also teach you the game's rules and etiquette giving you every chance of obtaining your green card.

3. Fine-Tuning: release your potential...

5 lessons (2hrs each): 260€ - 5 lessons (3hrs each) 380€ 

  • The perfect way to improve your talent and range of strokes.
    A detailed breakdown of your technique with an honest appraisal of your strong and weak points! Other elements include: a tailor-made personal training programme, game strategy, dealing with stress on the course and staying mentally strong in competitions. 

4. Junior Players (- 16yrs): it's all about fun

4 lessons (1hr30 each): 120€ 
A fun course taught at just the right tempo that takes into account children's physical capabilities without overloading them with information.

Coaching Philosophy

We adhere to the rules of etiquette to ensure safety, fair play and courtesy between players.
Course fee includes video coaching, all golfing equipment (including balls) and access to the club.

Private Lessons

30mins: 25€ - 1 hour: 45€
1 hour 2 people: 50€ - 1 hour 3 people: 60€

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